Termite Control


Unfortunately, there is no simple, magic way to prevent termites from being attracted to your home. The most effective method for termite prevention is constant, vigilant monitoring of the property. For this purpose, we offer our Termite Protection Plan. This plan includes regularly inspecting and monitoring the property for signs of termite activity, communicating with home owners about areas of concern in and around the property, and providing treatments at no additional cost if/when termites are actually discovered. This plan provides our customers with peace of mind as their home is being proactively monitored by professionals that care.


step one:

INSPECT: Once a year you will receive a complete home inspection for termites. Also, if you ever suspect that you have termites, we will come out and inspect your home at no additional charge.

step two:

MONITOR: Every time we are out to perform the regular treatments on your home, we will monitor the exterior of your home and make you aware of any vulnerable areas around your home.

step three:

TREAT: If in the event that termites do find their way to your home, we will schedule a time for us to come out and treat the area of the home where the termites are active at no additional cost.


Once termites have made their way into a home or onto a property, it is essential that they are treated and dealt with as soon as possible. We provide both localized and full termite treatments. Localized treatments are less expensive and designed to deal with termite activity in a specific area of the structure. Full treatments are much more extensive and the result is a complete barrier between the soil and the structure; this barrier extends around your entire home.

If you think you may be at risk for termites, you can simply click the button below to purchase a termite inspection online now. If you do have termites, we will provide you with a custom quote for a termite treatment and the cost of the inspection will be credited to the treatment cost.

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